Tie Bars, Ground Anchors & Retaining Walls

Tie Bars, Anchors and Walls

CAN appreciates that you may want to strengthen and repair an existing wall or structure, to prolong its lifespan and minimise cost.  Equally, you may have decided to build a new retaining wall.

In either case, we have a range of services that provide you with retaining walls fit for purpose, even where site constraints make working difficult.  CAN is able to offer the following:

Tie Bars installation

Tie Bars

Tie bars are typically installed as a cost effective way to strengthen walls suffering from bulging or excessive deflection.  They may be buried within the structure or run externally and we offer a wide range of material options to suit your specific site requirements.

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Tie bars and ground anchors installation


Walls and slabs may need restraining to prevent overturning or uplift.  Where your project requires it, CAN will install ground anchors that are fully tested and preloaded to suit either temporary or permanent service.

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Retaining walls installation

Retaining Walls

Here at CAN, we offer retaining wall repair and construction services for both anchored and gravity retaining walls.  Depending on the site constraints and client requirements, we can construct a variety of new retaining wall types.  These include cast in situ and precast concrete walls, working as either gravity retained structures or with the addition of anchors.  Heavily reinforced sprayed concrete is also used, in conjunction with ground anchors.

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Holbrook Church - Retaining Wall Stabilisation
Holbrook Church – Retaining Wall Stabilisation

In 2018, a period of bad weather including very heavy rain caused the collapse of the  retaining wall adjacent to a…

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Filton Abbey Wood - Retaining Wall Construction
Filton Abbey Wood – Retaining Wall Construction

The Filton Bank 4 Track project increases the number of tracks from 2 to 4 between Dr Days and Filton Abbey…

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Pearces Hill - Retaining Wall
Pearces Hill – Retaining Wall

CAN Geotechnical was enlisted to design and build a solution to stabilise a 30m length of failing retaining wall supporting a…

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