• Rosebury House - High Rise Building Inspection

At CAN we use invasive investigation, chemical and non-destructive testing techniques, alongside our range of structural inspection & testing activities.

When a refurbishment of a structure is going to take place, we will carry out an investigation both internally and externally firstly.

We are able to provide professional appraisal of the data, a selection of possible solutions for any issues and repair estimates, if this is required.

We undertake a broad range of testing on structures of all types.  All tests are carried out in NAMAS approved laboratories.

Sometimes the only way to access these structures is using rope access techniques.  These include:

  • Wall tie condition and population investigations
  • Borescope inspection of cavities
  • Half cell
  • Ferroscan and cover meter
  • Coring
  • Dust sampling
  • In-situ carbonation analysis
  • Schmidt hammer
  • Laser vertically surveys
  • Safety surveys
  • Cladding surveys
  • Dimensional and as-built surveys
  • Coating inspection and sampling
  • Cable tension measurements
  • Defect liability surveys

If you would like more information on Structural Inspection & Testing.