• Soil nailing rail embankment with remote control rigs

The strength of the slope is increased by soil nailing (drilling and grouting in high strength bars). CAN will pay extra attention to the drainage of the slope, installing inclined drains where necessary. This helps with the longevity of the project, and the stability of the slope or face.

Depending on your project, CAN’s soil nailing installations are either temporary or permanent. We’ll use either steel, fiberglass or hollow self drilling tendons. This will offer you the most cost effective and consequently best option for your project based on the individual characteristics of your slope.

We have applied our experience of soil nailing to a wide variety of ground conditions and access situations. We have helped solve issues with existing slopes and reinforced newly formed faces.

Our range of hydraulic drilling systems allows us to carry out soil nailing at any height above ground and in excess of 30 metres below ground level. Meaning there are few slopes that we cannot tackle.

Where the slope is less steep, CAN works with clients to design and install netting across the soil nailed area. Along with a geocomposite facing, it allows vegetation to grow over the slope, helping with future stability.

In all cases CAN provides a turnkey design and build solution, removing the need for you to employ several contractors to carry out the work.

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