• Rock removal and heavy rock scaling

The removal of loose rock and large blocks from cliff faces can be used as a short-term solution for stability problems.

Regular rock scaling can be used as a cost effective means of managing the risk of rockfall from your slope.

CAN’s Geotechnical team can be with you at short notice to inspect and remove debris that is an immediate threat to people or property.

We use a variety of methods to carry out re-profiling and rock removal. These include:

  • Jacking
  • Percussive breakers
  • Plug and feather
  • Expansive grouts
  • Pyrotechnics and explosives.

The methods used are chosen to suit the specific project considering location, rock structure and site constraints.  With this in mind, it enables us to find the method that will best resolve your immediate problem whilst taking into account the risk of longer term instability.

If there are large blocks threatening property, people or infrastructure, we may install a temporary restraint system.  This will allow us to break up the rock where it is and lower the smaller debris in a controlled manner.

Important to realise, due to the unpredictable nature of a fallen rock mass, it’s crucial that those working on the project have an understanding of the potential to create further, unnecessary, instability.

Our Geotechnical team are highly accomplished and professional.  They work under the supervision of those who hold many years of experience in this field.  They ensure, without reservation, that the operation is completed safely.  In summary, this provides the maximum benefit to the client for the future.

If you would like more information on rock scaling & re-profiling.