CAN Tie Bars Ground Anchors Retaining Walls

If existing retaining walls are failing, we may be required to install double corrosion protected ground anchors.  For this reason, these extend back into stable ground and are grouted in place prior to any cyclic acceptance testing.  Depending on their design length, these may take the form of mono bar or multi strand anchors.  This increases the wall’s ability to resist failing by overturning.

In summary, when retaining walls suffers from bulging and cracking, it may require crack injection and stitching, followed by the installation of support beams or walings, either in steel or reinforced concrete.  Where the entire wall is failing, we would overclad the existing with steel reinforced sprayed concrete to improve structural integrity and dissipate loads from the tieback anchors.

Reinforced earth walls are adaptable to local changes in ground conditions.  They have been clad with local stone facings to retain character of the area.  Moreover, CAN installs a range of conventional modular gravity walls utilising rock filled gabion baskets and timber crib.

For all retaining wall options, CAN offers a fully indemnified in-house design capability.  These can be coupled with independent Category 3 checks where appropriate.

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