• Innovative access solutions - CAN-span

At CAN we have always been about the solution and not the problem.  30 years ago we introduced Rope Access to the UK as a way to access difficult to reach areas in construction.  Consequently, helping businesses get the results they needed in an efficient and cost effective way.

That innovation has never stopped.  We are regularly creating access solutions that don’t currently exist for our clients, to get them the results they need to make a structure or slope safe.

For structural work we often use our patented lightweight access platform, CAN-Span.  This allows maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Over the years CAN has developed a whole range of bespoke access solutions to be used alongside rope access techniques.

Our main products are:

  • CAN-Span cradle system
  • CANtilever system
  • CAN-Beam system

Not all our contracts are access based.  We can provide our innovative solutions to any structural or geotechnical projects.  Furthermore, our access systems may be provided as stand alone options, depending on your requirements.

If you would like more information on our Innovative Access Solutions.