Geotechnical Inspection and Group Investigation

Much of the work required for geotechnical inspection is in relation to failing rock faces, soil slopes and retaining walls. All of which have differing degrees of access issues.

Facings or vegetation commonly obstruct many surfaces.  This sometimes requires full removal to allow the site to be inspected properly.  It is vital this work is done if you want to find the correct, cost effective solution to your stability problem.

CAN has helped clients make significant saving by undertaking a detailed geotechnical inspection.  This establishes what is causing the instability within the site.

All our inspections are undertaken by experienced and professionally qualified engineers or engineering geologists.  Vegetation clearance is always carried out by our own NPTC qualified arborist.  CAN regularly uses probe drilling and window sampling to gain further information on site conditions.  We work closely with top ranking conventional ground investigation contractors.  Thus gaining core samples and install monitoring systems such as piezometers and inclinometers in those difficult access locations where they are unable to operate.

Stereonets are produced to assist us in the interpretation of a site’s structural geology and slope stability, assessed with geotechnical modelling software.  CAN’s inspection reports are supported by stereo nets and the results of stability analysis.

CAN is an experienced design & build contractor.  We can offer realistic budget recommendations for conceptual designs. This is a great advantage if you require remedial work and require cost certainty.

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