Slope facing systems installation

Facing systems that encourage vegetation growth are not only ecologically sound, but also considerably enhance stability of a soil slope through soil retention.  The choice of system may be dictated by physical characteristics.  For example, the angle and orientation of the slope, but also cost and soil conditions.

CAN works with leading suppliers, offering a comprehensive range of facing systems to aid long term vegetation growth.  These include a variety of anti-erosion and soil retention geomats, either pre-seeded, hydra-seeded after installation or planted with suitable species.  Where required for stabilisation purposes, the soil retaining geomat is used in conjunction with structural mesh or installed as a combined geocomposite layer.

3D synthetic geomats or biodegradable cellular structures are pinned on steeper slopes to retain topsoil.  Alternatively, semi-rigid geocell baskets or reno mattresses can also be installed on steeper slopes or where high erosion rates can be anticipated, such as river banks.  These facings may be tied back with soil nails or driven earth anchors.

In the steepest locations where clients require a green solution, CAN installs crib walls using treated timber from renewable sources.

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