• Drone / UAV Inspection
  • Drone / UAV Inspection
  • Drone / UAV Inspection

Using the latest in drone / UAV technology and with a background in structural inspection, CAN is able to deliver a cost effective solution to planned maintenance and inspection on your built asset.

An initial survey by drone / UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) provides cost effective periodic surveys and reporting.  This allows for a targeted inspection, reducing exposure to work at height.  Carrying out a survey by drone significantly reduces the timescale to carry out the initial survey, allowing CAN to undertake any appropriate follow on works as a consequent.  As far as Health & Safety is concerned, completing a survey by drone reduces the exposure to personnel working at height.

Confined space inspection by drone / UAV

Using the latest in drone / UAV technology, CAN is able to access the most impractical and potentially hazardous places.
The Flyability Elios drone with its carbon protective frame, removes the risk of crashing or operating near personnel.
Besides that, full HD and thermal cameras with on-board LED lighting allows us to reach the most inaccessible locations in almost any lighting condition including:

  • Tunnel inspections
  • Shaft inspections
  • Chimney inspections
  • Mine inspections
  • Sewer inspections
  • Tank inspections
  • Bridge inspections

Licensed certifications include:

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