Sprayed concrete

Sprayed concrete can be used to provide a rigid facing to slopes, walls and rock faces when used in conjunction with soil nails or anchors on steeper faces.  It has the benefit of providing support to discrete rock masses by way of dentition.  It has the further benefit of then providing a seal to the face protecting it against further weathering.

Additionally, sprayed concrete can be applied prior to installing anchors or the like as a means to stabilising particularly loose faces.

Where cast in-situ, concrete has degraded in difficult access locations, it can offer a particularly useful and cost effective method of repair.

CAN is an experienced sprayed concrete contractor and offer this service as part of any stabilisation project.  Access to carry out the work is afforded by utilising our own special plant or rope access methods.

CAN is a member of the Sprayed Concrete Association.  We apply both wet and dry sprayed concrete as appropriate.  Using experienced and accredited nozzlemen to deliver a high quality product.  Steel staples and polypropylene fibres are used to improve durability and strength characteristics of the concrete; whilst special cement types and pigments are used to improve colour match in environmentally or visually sensitive locations.

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