Rock Dentition at Hagley railway cutting

Dentition provides a physical barrier to halt the preferential weathering of softer rock strata, whilst offering support to overlying rock to resist toppling failure.

CAN provides this service in a variety of ways.  This depends on the client’s requirements for appearance, load bearing capacity and on-site dimensions.  These include coursed and random rubble masonry facing with mass concrete infill, using locally won or matching stone to minimise visual intrusion.

Reinforced sprayed concrete may be the preferred option where there are inadequate footings upon which to found the dentition.  In these cases, additional support is usually given.  Be it by means of rock bolts or dowels to tie back the facing substrate.

Since softer rock bands often form a conduit for groundwater, CAN pays particular attention to drainage details in particular.  Often recommending installation of a back wall filtration systems and weep holes.

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