• Installation of bird deterrent netting

Roosting birds create a major problem for many building owners, producing unsightly mess and damage.  For occupants, they pose health risks from the accumulation of guano, dead birds and parasites.  When the presence of birds becomes a nuisance, the installation of bird deterrent solutions may be required.  Thus providing a long term solution after initial cleaning.  Our specialist operatives can gain access without the need for scaffolding.  Instead using rope access techniques to install bird spikes and netting solutions to prevent any further damage or inconvenience.  We can also repair or replace existing bird deterrent solutions that may have been damaged.

CAN has a well-established track record in successful bird proofing of buildings and other structures, by the installation of physical barriers.  The installation of a bird deterrent provides a humane and harmless method of restricting access to roosting birds and is an efficient and effective means of pest control.  Whether we use our rope access teams or other conventional powered access, we can install deterrent measures to your high rise property or structure.

Typical services offered:
  • Nylon or Wire Netting
  • Spikes
  • Bird Wires

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