Can bespoke access systems

Here at CAN, we provide access consultancy services to define the most appropriate access solution for any high rise structure.  Statutory regulations such as CDM and Work at Height now clearly define the duty holders’ responsibilities in achieving health and safety objectives.  These include the design stage, construction phase and through-life maintenance.

Architects and designers often have to balance conflicting demands to arrive at an access solution.  This is without compromising health and safety or deviating from the integrity of the structure’s overall design.

Making a decision about any access solution for building maintenance can be challenging.  Especially for complex structures where conventional methods may be neither practical nor aesthetically acceptable.

Drawing on many years of experience in the access industry, utilising both conventional and specialised techniques, CAN is well placed to offer fully indemnified professional advice on innovative and non-obtrusive access solutions to our clients.  Ensuring the most appropriate and visually sympathetic options are adopted.

We offer half day Access Strategy Workshops.  These consider and determine global requirements and feasibility of all access options (e.g. cradle, collective measures, specialist access, fall restraints, safe access routes, etc.)  The most productive workshops are when all the relevant parties on a project are bought together in one room.  This allows us to facilitate the creation of an access strategy within a relatively short space of time.

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