Slope stabilisation

Slope Stabilisation

With over 30 years’ experience CAN understands the complications involved with slope stabilisation.

We have worked on highways, railway embankments, commercial and residential sites.

We own all our specialist equipment, to ensure quality is of the highest standard.  Combined with our knowledge on how to stabilise a steep bank or cutting, we can help you find a solution that causes minimum disruption to your operation.

CAN utilises several methods for slope stabilisation including:

Soil nailing for slope stabilisation

Soil nailing

This is a cost effective method for long-term stabilisation of over-steepened soil slopes, on or around your site.  There are several options, and the one chosen for your project will be based on an assessment of your site.

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Slope Drainage

Slope drainage

Slope drainage is an important part of ensuring the future stability of a slope.  Reducing groundwater levels and allowing water to run off helps reduce further damage in the future.

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Slope facing systems installation

Facing systems

Enhancing the stability of a soil slope and encouraging vegetation growth, CAN will help you choose the correct system for your site.  Based on the angle and orientation of the slope, budget restrictions and soil conditions, CAN will find the solution for you.

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De vegetation of a railway embankment


Clearing a slope of vegetation is an integral part of any stabilisation solution, allowing for safe and efficient installation of the soil nails and facing systems.  As geotechnical specialists, CAN understands the importance of maintaining vegetation cover where it is beneficial to slope stability.

Where vegetation does need to be cleared CAN has all of the equipment and skillsets required to safely remove everything from low lying vegetation, through to large mature trees.  CAN has a full armoury of equipment of hedge cutters, brush cutters, chain saws; backed up by slope climbing tracked chippers.


Design & Build

We know that our customers prefer to employ a specialist contractor providing a turnkey solution, and CAN is able to provide that to you, bringing together decades of experience, and a strong sense of innovation.

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