Rock face stabilisation

Rock Face Stabilisation

At CAN we have our own fleet of versatile equipment, meaning we are able to undertake work at ground level, through to the most difficult locations.  If conventional methods are not suitable for your project then we will switch to our specialist, bespoke equipment, using our IRATA qualified teams to carry out the work.

Cliff and rock face stabilisation can be achieved through:

Rock Scaling and Reprofiling

Rock scaling & re-profiling

The removal of loose rock and large blocks from cliff faces can be used as a short-term solution for stability problems.  Regular rock scaling can be used as a cost effective means of managing the risk from rock fall.

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Hagley Railway Cutting - Rock Face Stabilisation


Taking into consideration your requirements, load bearing capacity, on-site dimensions and drainage, dentition provides a physical barrier to halt weathering of softer rock.

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Rock anchoring

If you require more significant restraining forces to stabilise large rock masses or structures, then it seems like rock anchoring may be the best option for you.

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Sprayed concrete

Sprayed concrete

Used in conjunction with anchors, sprayed concrete can help provide a rigid facing to your slope, wall or rock face.  As a result, adding stability provides support to discrete rock masses and seals the face, protecting it against further weathering and deterioration.

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Design & Build

We know that our customers prefer to employ a specialist contractor providing a turnkey solution, and CAN is able to provide that to you, bringing together decades of experience, and a strong sense of innovation.

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