• CAN has Elephant Pump installed

Engineering of a slightly different capacity.

In attempt to provide safe, clean drinking water to a community for years to come, CAN has supported AquAid and all the incredible and invaluable work that The Africa Trust does.

Since deciding to invest back in March, CAN is delighted to be able to advise that our well has been built.

Our pump is located in Manicaland – a province in the north eastern highlands of Zimbabwe.

This Elephant Pump can easily provide safe drinking water for upwards of 300 people for decades.

Elephant Pumps are built by an experienced Africa Trust team leader, with the assistance of the local community, using more readily and locally available materials.  This allows for the community to easily repair the pump should they need to.  Which in turn, extends the life of the pump exponentially.

There are numerous ways in which having a water pump will assist a community:

  • It provides safe, clean drinking water to a community that before would not have access to clean water.  They would most likely need to walk for miles to retrieve water in buckets or containers.
  • Having a pump eliminates many diseases (e.g. dysentery).  The concept of the Elephant Pump arose from the now CE of The Africa Trust, Ian Thorpe, having witnessed people falling ill after drinking water from a contaminated water source. This prompted Ian to produce a viable and practical water source – he then went on to invent the Elephant Pump.
  • As the focus of the well building is for sustainability, it is likely that having access to water close by will mean that the children (as well as others) in the community will be able to eat better and drink more water.  From this, these children will be able to concentrate better in class at school, which means a better education and a better future for them.
  • Depending upon the set-up in the community where the pump is, banana plantations are often established and grown using water from the pump.  The produce is then sold, more banana plants planted, and the money from the sales are used to contribute towards the children’s’ school fees.

I am sure anyone reading this will agree that by having the Elephant Pump built, we hope of making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate and hope it will serve the community well.