• CAN concludes Trashtag challenge
  • CAN concludes Trashtag challenge
  • CAN concludes Trashtag challenge

The #Trashtag challenge is a viral trend encouraging people to clean up their local environments and has taken social media by storm.

Now thousands of people around the world have committed to taking a stand against rubbish as a result of the trashtag challenge.

CAN is no exception and has joined the rest of the world taking action on the issue.  For those of you who are concerned by the amount of waste littering our planet, why not get involved and do your bit?

CAN’s Chesterfield office went out in 3 separate teams dressed in full PPE, hardwearing gloves, heavy duty boots and armed with picking sticks.

Scores on the Doors:

CAN worked fabulously together managing to collect a colossal combined total weight of 61.80 kg.  The hoard consisted of a pit train carriage and multiple vehicle tyres.  In addition, CAN collected a full set of ladies clothing and a bottle of vintage Christian Dior perfume.

Thank you to all those involved for your valiant effort!  It has made our industrial estate environment a cleaner and litter free place.

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