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Whether your issue is with a manmade or a natural structure, CAN has worked on everything from masonry viaducts to concrete towers and, of course, rock faces and soil slopes of all heights and angles.

Using all types of access equipment, including CAN’s patented lightweight access systems (CAN-Span and CAN-Beam), our workforce can reach all areas of your structure or geotechnical site.  This results in closer inspection of your site and better data collection and testing, to assist us in finding the right solution to your problem.

CAN can offer you:


Structural Reporting

Helping you ensure the safety of your structure, and providing you with meaningful information to make educated decisions regarding repairs and ongoing maintenance.

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Structural inspection

Structural Inspection & Testing

CAN includes invasive investigation, chemical and non-destructive techniques as part of our inspection and testing procedure.  This provides you with a robust analysis of your site to help you make informed decisions.

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Geotechnical Inspection and Group Investigation

Geotechnical Inspection

Site investigation is vital to finding a cost effective solution to your problem, particularly where there are stability issues.  This work helps CAN offer you a realistic budget and design options for the outcome that is required.

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Access Consultancy

Access Consultancy

CAN utilises both conventional and specialised rope access techniques to help you get the best solution where you have difficult to reach areas.  Cost effective, efficient and safe. We are the forerunners in this field.

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Drone / UAV Inspection

Using the latest in drone / UAV technology and with a background in structural inspection, CAN is able to deliver a cost effective solution to planned maintenance and inspection on your built asset.

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Georgia - deep pressure relief shaft inspection
Georgia – Deep Pressure Relief Shaft Inspection

CAN was previously used to provide safety supervision to engineers in 2011.  Indian/Norwegian joint venture Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC (AGL) contacted CAN…

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Union Chain Bridge - structural inspection & testing
Union Chain Bridge – Structural Inspection & Testing

Northumberland County Council approached CAN to tender for the inspection of the Grade I Listed Union Chain Bridge that spans the…

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Rosebury House - High Rise Building Inspection
Rosebury House – High Rise Building Inspection

Inspection and close examination of the external elevations of a commercial high rise building for defects, following reports of water ingress….

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