Confined Space Contracting Services

A confined space can be defined as an enclosed space which has foreseeable specified risks for those tasked with entry.

“Any place including any chamber, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, well, or other similar space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable ‘specified risk’” (Source: Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 – Approved Code of Practice ACOP101)

Based from the hub in our London office, CAN offers nationwide City & Guilds certified Confined Space operatives, estimators and project management team who have extensive experience of undertaking complex rigging tasks and access work in confined spaces.

Whether accessing tunnels, chimneys, drainage systems, sewers or shafts, CAN is able to work in all types and classifications of confined spaces.

Our confined space services include:

Confined Space Contracting Services - Third Party Access Supervision

Third Party Access Supervision

CAN provide supervision and management of confined space access for third parties, including:

  • The development of suitable safe systems of work in the form of a detailed risk assessment and method statement developed by an Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualified project manager.
  • Specification and supply of all safety critical equipment including escape sets, air monitors, harnesses and winches.
  • Mobilisation of confined space and confined space rescue teams.
Confined Space Contracting Services - High Risk Working

High Risk Working

When specified risks cannot be controlled or works are a substantial distance from the point of entry our High-Risk trained teams are mobilised.

CAN High-Risk trained operatives are proficient in the use of full breathing apparatus, including force fed air systems, if poor air or noxious gas are present, or will be created by entry, or if the work site is located so far from the entry point that it would not be possible to exit using ‘standard’ equipment.

As such the most difficult and high risk of confined space scenarios can be accessed and controlled under a safe system of work.

Risehill - tunnel shaft works

Rescue Cover

Whenever confined space work is undertaken a rescue team is required subject to risk assessment, in accordance with the Confined Space Regulations 1997. “No person at work shall enter or carry out work in a confined space unless there have been prepared in respect of that confined space suitable and sufficient arrangements for the rescue of a persons in the event of an emergency, whether or not arising out of a specified risk”.

In the event an operative is injured in a confined space a suitable means of prompt extraction, rescue and recovery, is required.  CAN regularly deploy confined space rescue teams who provide a rescue cover service with the ability to retrieve casualties safely and efficiently.

Confined Space Contracting Services - Emergency Stand-by

Emergency Stand-by

Emergency stand-by arrangements for confined space working and rescue cover are requested when the requirement to access a confined space cannot be pre-planned but is anticipated.

CAN ensure that suitable documented safe systems of work, equipment, and personnel are available to respond in the event of an emergency call out.

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