• Waterloo Bridge gantry installation
  • Waterloo Bridge gantry installation
  • Waterloo Bridge gantry installation

CAN was asked to assist in installing the new gantries on Waterloo Bridge as part of a refurbishment project to improve the access routes onto the pier heads.

Works took place over the water of this busy navigable and tidal river.  This combined with the extremely busy highway above meant the use of rope access proved to be the most time and cost efficient approach.

With drawings provided by the client, CAN undertook the removal of the dilapidated existing protection measures, followed by installing the new access ladders, walkway handrails and gantries around each of the four piers.

Utilising a small safety boat allowed for both access and egress from the structure, whilst also using it to ferry materials out with the team at the start of each shift.

With the use of rope access the works were completed on time and with a little disruption to the users of the bridge or the 0river traffic passing underneath.

Duration:       6 weeks

Client:            FM Conway

Location:       Waterloo Bridge, London