• Turners Road Penstock Chambers - Rigging using CAN-Span
  • Turners Road Penstock Chambers - Rigging using CAN-Span

Routine inspection identified that the beams supporting the landings to the Turners Road Penstock chambers had suffered such a large loss of section that they were unable to support the loading created by maintenance or operations teams.  This meant they were likely to fail in the short term under the weight of the Yorkstone flooring.  The full replacement of the landings was considered a priority.

The major challenge was to carry out repairs in a confined space beneath a busy city street.  This was without in any way loading the existing floors, whilst working above open mains sewers.  The works would require removal and replacement of heavy masonry slabs and steel floor beams.

Using a combination of confined space and industrial rope access techniques, CAN technicians created a high level access system within the chambers using lightweight CAN Span, assisted in the initial survey of the structure, installed a bespoke gantry crane within the roof space of the penstocks and then carried out the repair works without stepping foot on the failing floor structures.

Having removed the Yorkstone slabs, the gantry cranes supported heavy cutting equipment that was then used to cut the landing support beams into lengths capable of being removed through passageways and shafts.

Once the original landings had been completely removed from the two chambers, suitable recesses were cut into the chamber walls and stainless steel beams subsequently installed to support the new landings.  Additional platforms were then installed to ensure ease of future access and maintenance of this Victorian structure.

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Duration:       14 Months

Client:             Optimise

Location:        East London