• The Gate - Chandelier Lighting Installation
  • The Gate - Chandelier Lighting Installation
  • The Gate - Chandelier Lighting Installation

CAN was requested to install a new 4 tonne, 8m wide, 10m high light installation to the Gate as part of an overall refurbishment project. The installation was located over a bank of escalators in an operational leisure and shopping centre.

Working closely with the client and architect CAN ensured that the proposed installation was reduced to its component parts that could be installed individually, layer upon layer.

CAN technicians accessed the ceiling, exposed a section of structural steelwork and installed 51 individual anchors and cables. Thereafter 12 lighting rings were raised and installed, in component form, to the previously rigged cables. Having installed the lighting rings 153 strings of glass baubles were added to the installation. Each lighting ring was fed by a power cable dressed to suspension cables and structural steelwork back to a high level control panel.

CAN technicians used a combination of rope access techniques supported with CAN-Span, a lightweight working platform, and worked night shifts to complete the proposed installation and ensure minimal impact on the retail outlets throughout the course of the works.

Duration:       7 weeks

Client:            Surgo Construction

Location:       Newcastle Upon Tyne