CAN undertook the installation of rock face stabilisation and containment measures to the quarry walls adjacent to and above the access tunnel to a quarry, with walls up to 75m high in the vicinity of the new tunnel entrance. This required working on closely jointed, blast damaged rock faces.

Phased visits were required to meet the quarry operator’s programme, with multiple visits to site to work around existing quarry operations, and day to day access to the quarry were to be maintained at all times during the CAN works.

The works included extensive scaling, block removal, strapping and bolting of rock faces and installation of a rock netting containment system. PVC coated rockfall netting and tensioned cables were installed to provide a robust system to control rockfall, allowing it to fall in a controlled manner behind the rock netting for removal during planned maintenance.

Complex rigging and winching operations were performed to lift materials and position equipment in difficult to
access areas at height on the rock faces and benches. A careful, staged approach to CAN’s work was essential in order to ensure safety of the workforce, requiring the completion of scaling and installation of netting at each level within the quarry before proceeding to the next level down.

Duration:       3 Months

Client:            Cemex

Location:       Taffs Well Quarry