• Glass roof cassettes


In 2018 CAN were requested to undertake the installation of 270 glass roof cassettes and associated gaskets to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The glass cassettes formed part of the bespoke roof design, continuing from the metal cassettes and installed on the ‘flying trusses’ forming part of the inner compression ring. Programme constraints required a 24/7 working regime.

Site constraints included working on an extremely busy construction site, with minimum lay down areas. The glass roof cassettes were lifted in using tower cranes, ‘caught’ by CAN technicians, and secured to the ‘flying trusses’ using a pin and packing method to ensure the precise positioning.

CAN used a combination of rope access and fall restraint techniques to ensure all required work locations could be reached safely and efficiently.

Duration:       9 Months

Client:            Buckingham Group

Location:       London