States of Jersey (Department for Infrastructure) required a detailed inspection of the steelwork elements within this large overflow / storage chamber for the foul water drainage system on the island.

The specification required the team to be within touching distance of all of the steelwork, hence industrial rope access was going to be the only real choice.  Whilst some of the areas required a simple abseil approach, the areas of steelwork up in the roof area required more complex methods.  Aid bolting techniques were employed to access these.

Whilst not deemed to be a confined space, the team undertook the works in a similar manner given the foul nature of the work environment and how far away from civilisation they were at any time.  Full PPE was required and good hygiene practices were definitely required.  Completing the works in just over a week was a credit to the team given the arduous and dirty nature of the site.

Upon completion, the the field data was returned to our head office.  Our reports team put together the formal documents to be issued to the client.  This is now with them and gives them a wealth of data to allow them to decide upon a future repair and maintenance strategy over the coming years.

Duration:         1.5 weeks

Client:              States of Jersey

Location:         Jersey