• Shute Shelve Tunnel - De-vegetation
  • Shute Shelve Tunnel - Rock bolting
  • Shute Shelve Tunnel - Rock bolting
  • Shute Shelve Tunnel - Rock bolting

Shute shelve tunnel is an old disused railway tunnel is now used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists.  Areas of unstable rock were also present adjacent to the tunnel adjacent to portal entrances.  Thus creating significant risks even before entering the tunnel. 

Once inside the tunnels, the existing mesh had started to fail.  This allowed debris to fall to the floor presenting a very significant risk to users.

Working with Jubb, CAN was able to offer Kier a full turn key package.  A combination of both passive and active measures were utilised across the site using x14 rock bolts, mesh and catch fences.

At the portals, de-vegetation of the slopes took place first, followed by installation of Geobrugg 100KJ catch fences.  Across the site as a whole, some x110 rock bolts were installed, ranging in length from 1.75m all using CAN’s own plant and drilling equipment.  This was then supplemented with 70m x 7m = 490m2 of Deltax mesh.

A combined approach was required with access to the various work areas.  The more difficult sections required the use of industrial rope access techniques on the slopes around the portals.  Access to the lower areas within the tunnel and around the portals was gained through the use of mobile elevated working platforms.

Completion of this important work means that this access route can remain open and safe for public access for many more years to come.

Duration:       9 weeks

Client:            Kier

Location:       Winscombe, North Somerset