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Rockfall Containment System

Case Studies

Bridgnorth - deveg & catch fencing

Bridgnorth – Deveg & Catch Fencing

The house is located on the A442 and is set into the base of the cliff.  The tree covered slope above...

Chalford Viaduct – Rock Bolting & Netting

CAN Geotechnical was appointed as subcontractor after a catastrophic failure event.  It was in fact approximately 50m3 of rock which...

Gibraltar - Catch Fence

Gibraltar – Catch Fence

This project required CAN to design and install a 5000kJ rock catch fence system at the toe of a large sand...

Samphire Hoe catch fences installation

Samphire Hoe – Rockfall Netting & Catch Fencing Installation

This 1.5km long section of line between two tunnels stands in the shadow of an 80m high chalk cliff which has...

Boston Boatyard Development - Quarry Face Stabilisation

Boston Boatyard Development – Quarry Face Stabilisation

With the walls of this old quarry forming the backdrop to what will be the back gardens of a new housing...