• Radstock - Slope Stabilisation & Soil Nailing. About to start the soil nail installation
  • Radstock - Slope Stabilisation & Soil Nailing. Cellular grid ready to be filled
  • Radstock - Slope Stabilisation & Soil Nailing. Topsoil being added to the slope

This project consisted of the stabilisation of a newly cut 180 lin m soil slope with the installation of 350 soil nails. 

These ranged from 7.5m to 13m depth with a Deltax mesh and a geo cellular facing.  Drainage was provided by 50No 9m depth inclined drains and stone blanket drainage channels within the geocell.

The existing slope was over steepened with successive bench cuts.  Thus creating an increased level formation area for the construction of new build homes by a housing developer at the toe.

CAN worked in conjunction with a 3rd party earthworks contractor, Brandwells, soil nailing the face on each cut bench using two 360 mounted hydraulic drill masts onto CAN’s own JCB excavators.  Deltax netting and plates were fitted to the face on each bench prior to lowering the excavation to reveal the next section of face.

Following installation of all the soil nails and Deltax mesh, the cellular facing system was laid over the meshed slope and filled with top soil and stone prior to hydra seeding.

Duration:       2 Months

Client:            Linden Homes

Location:       Radstock, Somerset