The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is on the M25 at Dartford. The cables on the bridge are up to 220m long and over 80m above the bridge deck. The client required CAN to prepare and re-apply Metalcoat to the bridge’s main stay cables, with all works to be carried out above live traffic with minimal traffic management and no disruption to daytime bridge users.

CAN designed and constructed lightweight cradles, based on its lightweight access platform CAN-Span. These were
used in conjunction with rope access methods to provide a stable platform for the coating teams and the client’s
independent paint inspectors. The cradles also provided a containment system to prevent spillage of Metalcoat
onto the road deck below.
Rope access techniques were used to gain access to the cables, which are 220 metres in length and over 80 metres
above the road deck.
The cradles were installed on each stay cable, winched to the top and lowered down as coating was applied.
All works were carried out under single lane closures, during the nighttime, without any disruption to traffic.

Duration:       10 Weeks

Client:            Dartford River Crossing Ltd

Location:        Dartford