CAN was contracted to undertake a thorough principal inspection & assessment of the Tyne Bridge in accordance with CS 450 Inspection of highway structures, and CS 454 Assessment of highway bridges and structures.

The purpose of the confined space inspection was to provide information to confirm the physical condition of all parts of the structure and alert the client of any defects needing repair as part of the Stage 2 works. In addition, the inspection results was be used in the assessment of the structure.

Using a combination of confined space, rope access and CAN’s modular staging system CANBeam, the CAN operatives were able to assess the bridge’s wing walls, abutments and parapets, arch steelwork and bearings, Internal surfaces of spans and furniture, external and interior areas of masonry towers, piers, crossheads, bearing shelves and bearings, soffits and finally the internal voids to the east footway.

The project was completed on time with no disruption to the public and other works being completed by the client simultaneously.

Duration:       5 Weeks

Client:            Esh Construction

Location:       Tyne Bridge, Newcaslte