The inspection and repair of the cladding system to the soffit of an iconic building in central London
following the failure of a section located above an area of public access. As a result there was an urgent requirement for the inspection of the cladding system and the removal of any potentially dangerous cladding sections and repair of those sections.

As the building geometry and ground level conditions were not suitable for the use of a suitably sized MEWP, CAN access teams employed a 15m length of CAN-Span (a lightweight modular work positioning platform) rigged from roof level.

After an initial inspection, the CAN team identified a number of components that needed to be removed for safety reasons. Having made the structure safe, CAN installed remedial fixings to the soffit cladding panels.

All remedial works were independently inspected and approved upon completion, again utilising CAN-Span for access.

Duration:       2 Weeks

Client:            Broadgate Estates

Location:       Central London