CAN was invited to carry out repairs to a masonry railway viaduct running over a watercourse. The works required consisted of; inspection, de-vegetation, repointing, arch re-casing and reinstatement of the failed masonry face.

The two biggest problems facing the project were the live railway line and working over a watercourse.

Firstly in order to limit the amount of possession work and to allow CAN to carry out the works during normal week day working hours, a single possession was taken at the start of the contract to drill and install anchorage for the ropes to the spandrel walls. Once installed, the ropes were left in-situ for the duration of the contract.  This allowed all access to be carried out from below during normal weekday daytime working hours, with no further interruption to trains.

In terms of working over the watercourse, our lightweight CAN-Span system was used as both a means of access and also to act as a debris containment system.

As a result the repairs were successfully completed with little disruption to the rail network and in line with all Network Rail and Environment Agency Standards. Working outside of possessions also gave Network Rail a considerable financial saving.

Duration:       4 weeks

Client:            Story Contracting

Location:       Leamington Spa