• Millennium Footbridge Redecoration
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  • Millennium Footbridge Coating
  • Millennium Footbridge Painting
  • Millennium Footbridge CANSPAN

CAN was requested to undertake the painting of the Millennium Footbridge, central London. The client stipulated that the bridge had to remain open to pedestrians and river traffic throughout the course of the works and a suitable containment system was employed to ensure any arisings from the preparation and painting works were prevented from entering the watercourse.

CAN designed a bespoke adaptation for the Millennium footbridge redecoration, the CAN-Span working platform which incorporated ‘outriggers’ from which could be suspended purpose made tarpaulins, thereby providing a containment system, which could be suspended beneath the work areas. The lightweight nature of the CAN-Span containment system enabled it to be relocated quickly and efficiently as the works progressed along the structure.

For quality assurance purposes the painting project was subject to a strict Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) recording ambient and structure temperature, preparation standard, paint batch numbers, and paint thickness readings.

The works were undertaken without impeding use of the bridge by pedestrians or the central navigable channel by vessels, however the project did attract some interest from the press, for further information please follow the link here

Duration:       8 Weeks

Client:            City of London

Location:       Central London