CAN undertook the refurbishment of a building façade adjacent to the operational railway and associated overhead line electrification, requiring window removal and replacement, brick repointing, masonry repairs, cleaning and painting.

CAN’s in-house designed cantilevered roof rig was installed to overcome a high roof level parapet wall and provide the required anchor points to access the facade.
A detailed rigging procedure was developed for the installation of CAN-Span working platforms, incorporating habitat containment systems to eliminate the possibility of ropes, rigging or cables encroaching on the operational railway.
CAN-Span provided a stable working platform and containment system enabling the works to take place without the need for any rail possessions throughout the duration of this seven-month project.
Key benefits of the system included dramatically reducing the cost of refurbishment works and enabling all of the façade refurbishment to be completed within the required project programme.

Duration:       7 Months

Client:            Ibex Interiors / Swallow Site Services

Location:       London