• Detailed steelwork inspection Detailed steelwork inspection
  • Detailed steelwork inspection
  • Cromer Pier
  • Detailed steelwork inspection

The 150 metre long steel structure of Cromer Pier is located along the Norfolk coast.

Stood in a marine environment, the main structural steel has been exposed to years of salt erosion.  There were exhibited signs of significant deterioration, which could jeopardise the piers operational integrity if left untouched.

Tides and the condensed nature of the steelwork meant that gaining access under the pier by boat was not possible.  Rope access was the obvious choice to enable a detailed ‘within touching distance’ survey.  With a boat not being able to get within the plan of the pier, careful rigging was required to ensure that in the event of an emergency a casualty could be extracted from under the soffit and back onto the topside of the pier.  Thankfully the works were completed without incident.

Detailed steelwork inspection and ultrasonic thickness testing to the same standards as principal inspections, produced enough data to allow for the grading of each individual steel member.  With this data, HOP will use this to develop a planned maintenance strategy, ensuring the long term future of this wonderful historic attraction.

Duration:       14 days

Client:            HOP Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

Location:       Cromer, Norfolk