• Houses of Parliament

The Parliamentary Works Department requested CAN Structures to investigate a water ingress problem to a riser shaft in the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster. The presence of asbestos in the riser shaft could not be ruled out so an initial asbestos survey was undertaken at various entry points to the riser. Approval was given to proceed subject to further strict controls detailed in the site specific risk assessment.

To gain access to the 0.75 metre wide shaft, entry points were created and a confined space abseil access team deployed. The access system was pre-rigged for rescue with a dedicated top-man to facilitate rescue in the event of incapacity of the inspector. CAN technicians inspected the riser shaft across 5 storeys and identified the source of the water ingress as a failed elbow joint to an antiquated heating system.

All reporting was undertaken using digital photography and reported to the client in real time, so that replacement fittings could be sourced by the client and a repair immediately completed by operatives. All access equipment and PPE was quarantined on completion of the works, until an asbestos free clearance certificate was issued.

Duration:        1 Day

Client:             Parliamentary Works Department

Location:        Houses of Parliament, London