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With it’s distinctive cladding, the aptly dubbed ‘Cheesegrater’ car park in Sheffield, was suffering from problems with the cover trims to the mullions.  The original design, based upon a push fit friction fitting, consequently was now failing. 

In some instances, this had allowed the 3m long strips to fall from the building.  In this instant, this caused risk to the pubic and affecting the complex aesthetics of the building.

The solution designed by CBRE was to remove all 1100 strips off site, whereby the adapter profiles could be riveted permanently into place.  Another key point is the strip was then reinstalled on site.  A permanent bolt was drilled through the cross section of the mullion and through the adapter profile.  Thus giving a permanent mechanical fix to the structure.

In most instances, the teams drilling the mullions out worked from the inside of the building.  For this reason, special jigs were made to assist those who were essentially blind.  This confirmed that the drill was always perpendicular to the mullion and that the hole was at the right height.

By using rope access, cladding repairs could be initiated with limited impact onto the day to day use of the building and nearby third parties.  Specially designed lifting frames were positioned on the roof of the car park to winch up quivers of the cover strips for the rope access technicians to reinstall.  Working with Sheffield County Council to manage the highway below, ensured the safety of passing pedestrians through the use of exclusion zones and diversions.

The building is an impressive, abstract addition to Sheffield’s skyline.  Upon completion, the car park is in a state whereby no more strips can possibly fall from the building.

Duration:       8 weeks

Client:            CBRE

Location:       Sheffield