• Bridge Valley Road Stabilisation
  • Bridge Valley Road Stabilisation
  • Bridge Valley Road Stabilisation
  • Bridge Valley Road Stabilisation

Bridge Valley Road forms an important commuter link between Clifton and Bristol centre, situated on the side of the Severn Gorge, which itself is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Significant movement on the upper slopes and the lower 10m high retaining wall had led to the closure of the road.

CAN was appointed as Principal Contractor with the requirement being to safely complete the works within a tight time programme in order to reopen this important arterial link as soon as possible.

Stabilisation of the soil slope was achieved by installation of some 400 soil nails, together with rock bolts to the several exposed rock outcrops. Over these areas installation of passive and active facing systems further stabilised the slope.

A disused rail tunnel that ran along the length of the site required waterproof tanking throughout.  This prevented accidental  leakage of the 2000m3 of grout which was then pumped to completely fill the void and stabilise the road above.

Anchors were installed along the length of the retaining wall, which was then further strengthened with helical bar across any cracking and repointing all joints.

A masonry faced concrete staircase was constructed together with a sprayed concrete beam to reinstate the footpath that wound up the entire slope, with the final works being the re-surfacing of the carriageway.

Duration:       4 months

Client:            Bristol City Council

Location:       Bridge Valley Road, Bristol