CAN was commissioned to install a complex architectural brise soleil to 3 of the 4 facades of the iconic new American Embassy in London. The support structure comprised 777 steel and aluminium ‘T’ section elements, up to 7 metres in length.

Working beyond the reach of conventional powered access platforms, CAN utilised industrial rope access techniques to complete installation in a heavily congested site with minimal space available at ground level.

With the main structure complete, including the glazed cladding system, the brise soleil required the installation of approximately 350 tonnes of material to the three facades. Accessing the facade using rope access techniques the team used tower cranes for initial lifts then electrically powered Minifor winches to manipulate the structural components.

The ‘T’ section elements created an external skeleton to which ETFE panels were mounted.

In all, 399 single layer ETFE panels were installed, with a total surface area of 8,200m². This required careful management of each panel, working in variable wind speeds through the Autumn and Winter period.

Duration:        9 months

Client:             Sir Robert McAlpine

Location:         London