CAN were contracted to assist with the installation of mooring equipment to Pier F, Port of Dover, particularly to access the soffit of the pier and install and secure the locking nuts to the anchor bolts securing the mooring equipment to the pier deck.

  • Dover Docks - Pier F

the Port of Dover project required working in 8 no. confined space RC chambers, each with their own unique designs and features, which flood with each tide, and can be subject to large fluctuations in pressure.

Access was predominately achieved using complex horizontal and vertical bolt climbing techniques. A total of 155 linear metres of bolt climbing was required to access the necessary 12 works locations. Further, CAN technicians had to overcome internal obstructions such as 2m drop beams on route to the works locations.

The CAN access team used a combination of advanced industrial rope access techniques combined with high risk confined space working protocols to access the required works locations. A specific inspection and testing plan was completed to demonstrate that all works had been completed to the required specification.

Duration:        8 Weeks

Client:             Knights Brown

Location:        Port of Dover, Kent