Tie Bars installation

Tie bars are often chosen to strengthen spandrel walls on listed structures including masonry bridges and viaducts. CAN will take all the necessary precautions required when working on older or less stable walls, minimising both the physical and visual impact.  We can drill through wall backfill using our compact but powerful hydraulic coring rigs, even in locations beyond the reach of access platforms or scaffold.

We regularly use the full range of bar options available, and are happy to offer advice on the best choice for a chosen design life or load capacity, installing galvanised, epoxy coated and stainless steel as well as GRP products.

Our grouting systems are able to mix and pump thixotropic or superplasticised high-flow grouts and we closely monitor pumping pressures to prevent damage through over pumping or joint leakage. And if there is a need for localised repointing or rebuilding, our structural repair team can carry this out whilst we are on site, minimising any associated costs or delays.

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