Rockfall netting and meshing

Rockfall netting may be installed on cliff faces that are subject to ongoing rock falls as a continuous, passive free-hanging ‘curtain’. Passive rock netting is designed to contain rather than prevent rockfall.

As an alternative to passive systems, active restraint systems may be constructed using high tensile mesh in conjunction with an array of rock bolts to prevent further rock fall. These installations are of particular benefit where constraints at the toe of the rock face, such as infrastructure, reduce the acceptability of rock fall accumulation.

CAN installs active and passive netting systems, adopting either the client’s or CAN’s own design details. CAN continually looks to refine design and construction methods for rock netting. Examples include our toe release detail, which permits safe removal of accumulated debris, and our mesh handling systems for use when installing in safety critical areas.

All rock netting supplied and installed by CAN is high strength with corrosion protection to suit client needs, ensuring sufficient life span and resistance to damage.

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