Tie bars and ground anchors installation

Whether it is working within a confined excavation to install tie back anchors supporting sheet piles or an exposed seawall accessed between tides, CAN has the expertise and plant to deal with the situation.

CAN designs and installs ground anchors in accordance with BS8081 : 2015 Code of Practise for Grouted Anchors, and BS EN 1537:2013 Execution of specialist geotechnical works. Stringent QA ensures that every anchor will perform as required, including cyclic load testing prior to applying working load.

We expect ground conditions to vary from sands and gravels that will require temporary casing to support drill holes through to hard rock that responds best to down the hole (DTH) drilling systems. Our versatile plant is capable of switching between a variety of drilling methods to cope with changing ground.  And with over 50 drill masts and mounting systems to choose from, we can be confident in providing you with a safe and economic solution in almost any location.

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