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Soil nailing rail embankment with remote control rigs

Soil Nailing

The strength of the slope is increased by soil nailing (drilling and grouting in high strength bars). CAN will pay extra...

Design & build soil nailing within motorway lane closure

Design & Build for wall or slope stabilisation

We understand that it’s more cost effective to employ a specialist contractor providing turnkey solutions for your wall or slope stabilisation...

Mechanical & electrical services inspection

Mechanical & Electrical Services

For over 30 years CAN has been providing mechanical & electrical services to the construction industry, for difficult to access areas....

Fabric structures build

Fabric Structures

Over the last 20 years CAN has worked on many high profile fabric structures.  These include installing the roof of the...

Geotechnical Inspection and Group Investigation

Geotechnical Inspection

Much of the work required for geotechnical inspection is in relation to failing rock faces, soil slopes and retaining walls. All...

Building Structural Inspection & Testing Rosebery House

Structural Inspection & Testing

At CAN we use invasive investigation, chemical and non-destructive testing techniques, alongside our range of structural inspection & testing activities. When...

Structural reporting and survey using CAN-Span

Structural Reporting and Surveys

Regular inspection of structures, such as bridges, tunnels and high-rise buildings, is essential for reasons of safety.  If they are inspected...

Building Inspection at Eliot and Wentworth

Cladding Inspection, Eliot & Wentworth

Duration: 10 weeks Client: Mansell Construction Services Location: Wandsworth, London Inspection and repairs of cladding panels located on a residential building...

Samphire Hoe catch fencing installation

52hr Possession at Samphire Hoe

Catch fencing and Tecco netting were installed by CAN Geotechnical over a 52hr possession at Samphire Hoe. Not to mention, Ground Engineering...

Imperial War Museum - Duxford

CAN Structures Aircraft Rigging at the Imperial War Museum

CAN has recently carried out work at the Imperial War Museum – Duxford, including derigging 10 aircrafts, repositioning and rerigging. Watch the video...

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