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Royal Border Bridge - Lighting Installation

Royal Border Bridge Lighting Installation

Floodlights needed installing to illuminate this iconic 28-arch bridge to mark the 160th year of its opening. This comprised fitting of...

Tie bars and ground anchors installation

Ground Anchors

Whether it is working within a confined excavation to install tie back anchors supporting sheet piles or an exposed seawall accessed...

Trawsfynydd Power Station structural repair

Trawsfynydd Power Station – Reactor Hall Repairs

As part of the decommissioning programme of this now offline 1950s nuclear power station the external fabric of the structure required...

Rockfall netting and meshing

Rockfall Netting & Meshing

Rockfall netting may be installed on cliff faces that are subject to ongoing rock falls as a continuous, passive free-hanging ‘curtain’....

Samphire Hoe catch fencing installation

Catch Fences

Catch fences or rockfall barriers are installed as a measure to contain falling rock. The location and height of fence will be...

Retaining walls installation

Retaining Walls

If an existing retaining wall is failing we may be required to install double corrosion protected ground anchors, extending back into...

Tie Bars installation

Tie Bars

Tie bars are often chosen to strengthen spandrel walls on listed structures including masonry bridges and viaducts. CAN will take all...

Sealant installation


CAN will inspect, repair or replace sealant across a multitude of structure types. Working closely with quality industrial suppliers we are...

Brickwork and masonry repairs

Brickwork & Masonry Repairs

CAN’s difficult access teams regularly carry out brickwork & masonry repairs to high level or difficult access buildings or structures. We...

Concrete Repair

Concrete Repairs

CAN has many years of experience in concrete repairs, using a range of techniques and materials, whilst also being an approved...

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