Rockfall containment stystems

Rockfall Containment Systems

Whether it’s preventing the erosion of rocks, the installation of a catch fence, netting or meshing solutions, CAN will install, replace or repair to suit your site needs.

Catch fences above railway line

Catch fences

Every site is different and each catch fence is designed specifically to provide a solution to your problem. CAN uses computer modelling to assess both the rock fall trajectory and likely impact energy. We have installed numerous catch fences with energy rating from 20kJ to 3000kJ.

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Rockfall netting and meshing

Rockfall netting and meshing

For situations where allowing rocks to fall is not an option, CAN will install active and passive netting systems. This can be done to your design or CAN will advise on design details with you. All materials supplied by CAN are high strength, with corrosion protection.

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Design & Build

We know that our customers prefer to employ a specialist contractor providing a turnkey solution, and CAN is able to provide that to you, bringing together decades of experience, and a strong sense of innovation.

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