As part of the decommissioning programme of this now offline 1950s nuclear power station the external fabric of the structure required extensive maintenance and refurbishment.

Due to the height, size and layout of the two reactors traditional scaffolding was not practical nor would it have made economic sense.

The awkward nature of the layout of the building mean that CAN had to design several complex rigging set ups for both personnel access and for hoisting materials into place at the workface.

CAN carry out annual surveys to the reactors in order to assist Dawnus / Magnox in ascertaining the nature and quantity of repairs that are required.

This has then led to CAN carrying out the following repair works: sealant replacement; construction joint bridging/renewal; window renewal and replacement; concrete repairs; fairing coat application; bolting to add strength to panels; handrail installation at roof level and lightning protection renewal.

This work was started in 2011 and has continued every year since.

Duration:       6 years

Client:             Dawnus Construction Ltd / Magnox

Location:       North Wales