As part of the new Hinckley Point C Power Station works, Costain asked CAN to assist in gaining access to the tops of 4 crosshead bearing piers to position targeting prisms on them, which would then allow future movement monitoring to take place.

Aid climbing techniques combined with throw lines were utilised to progressively gain access up the piers from beach level. This all had to be done around the tides.  Initially ropes were thrown over the lowest horizontal bracing, ascended.  After this, operatives aid climbed up the diagonal bracings, from where a further line was thrown over the top.  This was then anchored at ground level to the base of the leg, with operatives then able to ascend the rope on the opposite side to gain access to the top quickly and easily.

Once access was gained to the saddle, CAN then attached the prisms to various locations along the saddle as directed by Costain, which then allowed them to set the datum for future surveying use.

Duration:       3 weeks

Client:            Costain

Location:        Hinckley Point C, Bristol