Floodlights needed installing to illuminate this iconic 28-arch bridge to mark the 160th year of its opening. This comprised fitting of 30m long cables from track level to the base of the piers, where they connected to luminaires.

Working in conjunction with the electrical contractor, rope access afforded the only safe and practicable solution working over the tidal River Tweed.

Considerable planning was required on this small but complex project in order to complete it in the minimum amount of time and with the least number of rail possessions.

To keep rail possessions to a minimum an access system that allowed traversing of the outer faces of the structure meaning no further possessions were required during the project, except to carry out removal at the end. Between the two possessions access to the works was from CAN’s safety boat to the pre-rigged ropes.

Duration:       2 weeks

Client:            Northumberland County Council & Network Rail

Location:       Berwick-upon-Tweed