Fracturing of the rock faces at either side of the A1(M) cutting in West Cornforth required remediation to safeguard the adjacent carriageways.

The works had initially been planned by the Client to take place at night with lane closures in place. However CAN mobilised 2 of its fleet of new excavators fitted with state-of-the-art digital slew restrictors and hydraulic slewing drill rigs; which with careful planning and sequencing of the works allowed safe daytime working within just a hard-shoulder closure, saving time and money.

The faces were stabilised using 630 Dywidag rock bolts, along with 4800m2 of Geobrugg’s heavy gauge active Tecco rockfall netting. Once the mesh was lowered into position and stitched, the rock face was actively restrained by applying carefully controlled loading to the bolt headplates, so putting the Tecco into tension.

Whilst on site, CAN identified further instability in a separate area of the site. Working with Aone+ and the scheme designer, CAN reacted quickly by installing 2000m2 of passive Deltax netting with hydraseeded erosion-control matting. This proactive approach to safety and collaborative working meant that the additional safeguards were in place without extending the overall programmed duration of the works.

Duration:       9 weeks

Client:            A-one+

Location:       West Cornforth, County Durham